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OMG, I just watched the trailer for FF XIII. Shit, this is LOVE ♥_♥

I haven't played FF XII since I haven't really been home and that's where the PS2 is and because the character design didn't seem appealing but this chick... *___*
It'll be released on PS3 though (but no release date yet). Hmmm, summer jobs seem like a very good idea now...

Faaaaaaarrrk!!! Goddamn spider hanging down from the table nearly touching my leg!!!! That's it. I'm moving away from the laptop for awhile.
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At the request of one Jennifer Ball, I'll give you guys more information on the background and the general plot of the movie. Dude, you still have to watch it though.

In 1997, Square(a game company which merged with another company, Enix, last year to become SquareEnix) released a ground breaking game called Final Fantasy VII(7) on Play Station, which was highly praised for its amazing computer graphic(CG), great music(do I really need to stress how fucking amazing the music is?) and gaming system. Incidentally, this happens to be my favourite of the whole Final Fantasy(FF) series(there are twelve so far).

Enough of this history crap )
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OK, so this is going to be a totally biased review. What can I say, I loved some bits and hated some others.

The much awaited (for me at least) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was.. not a disappointment. Although I wouldn't say it's amazingly good as a movie, as an animation may be.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Do you really want to read this? )


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