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Someone on a Thai board brought this up... In the ED of episode 5, this came up instead of the usual one like this. It's not really a spoiler.

Ahh Haruhi, your power is truely frightening *chuckles*

Might find some time to write about the theories the characters sprouted out in episode 5 later. What fun, they're all so interesting...

And damn, the ED is so infectious. The dance is goddamn moe. I've already seen a few real life parodies of this (at least one of them is available in youtube, I think). God forbid if I should learn how to do the dance too... *shudders*

The OP is no less genki... I think I'll find a better version of the ED when the single comes out though.
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I've seen two episodes of Simoun so far, subbed by Doremi. It's looking promising and is probably one of my (few) favs for this season. I'm grateful for Doremi to be subbing this series, especially when it seems like no other group is subbing it, but I have to say that the translation in particular could really use some improvement.. Simouns seems to have a complicated storyline so for the translation to be inaccurate and the wording of sentences to be hard to understand, the enjoyment of watching the series is somewhat reduced. Oh well, I'm happy that it's subbed at all anyway.

Minimal Spoilerage )

Or not? )

On the other hand, Suzumiya Haruhi continues to be utterly brilliant in both subtle and blatant ways. Ahh Haruhiism, my new religion.

I'm supposed to be preparing a presentation. Sweet digression.


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