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.....I don't watch dubs, although some other people do and that's fine with me. Even though I consider watching dub as an equivalent of a penalty game horrible punishment, if other people are fine with it then that's their deal. What I can't stand though, is when people start saying that dubs are superior to subs. I'm not a dub hater but really, I don't think that's ever possible. May be this is just me going 'Subs are better than dubs!', but anyway..

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Oh yeah, stalking is really not cool.
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I actually started writing this entry over a week ago during exam period. Escapism insisted on me thinking about seiyuu instead of glycolysis. =D
This is totally gonna make me sound like a seiyuu ota...

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With the recent news about the ARTSVISION CEO arrested for sexual assault (sadly, more often than not, it's not the 'first time' for this kind of thing), I wonder what kind of repercussions there are going to be for the seiyuu. Already, rumours are surfacing regarding Horie Yui...

I admit that I've never really been a fan of Horie. I thought she's ok, but that's just about it. However... I don't particularly care who has been taken advantaged and who has taken advantage since we'll probably never really know and so it wouldn't matter much. I just hope that the seiyuu, especially the ones I like and the ones who deserve to, will be able to get through this well enough.


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