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こんな感じ  。。かな?
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Adding to my Nana concert DVD collection:

Courtesy of cousins who came back from Japan for holiday~

3,000 Baht, that would have been almost four weeks worth of food, lol.

Given the choice, I would still much rather spend money on Nana-chan than AKB48 Takamina AKB48. :P
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I've seen three Dancing in the Velvet Moon live versions so far:

Live Formula
Live Fighter
Animelo Summer Live 2008 -Challenge-


Nana-chan's tummy is very delicious-looking and lickable.




Apr. 11th, 2009 08:57 pm
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She was in London.. only 2 hours away...


*goes to cry in a corner and bang head on the wall*
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Spank me plz.
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Live Formula さいこうおおおおお!!

奈々ちゃん さいこうおおおおおおお!!!
すごい! かわいい! すてき!!


Concert に行きたい!
Live をききたい!


ちくしょううううううううううううううう!!! ((( ;゜Д゜)))
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So, the Animelo Summer Live 2008 is going to be split into two days this year. The usual suspects are already announced to be there (Ali Project, Kuribayashi, Jam Project, Mizuki Nana, etc.).

What is sad though is that Masami Okui and Nana-chan are not set to appear on the same day, so we won't get another epic like last year's duet. But perhaps Arika-san of Ali project and Nana would fulfill a promise they made last year and do duet of one of Nana-chan's songs since they're on the same day. Well, I can always dream anyway.

Minorin's also returning this year, and so is Hirano Aya.. I'm not anti-Aya, but I do think she's a horrible live-singer and last year's Bouken Desho Desho -punk version- was a disaster. I'm looking forward to more of Minorin though. Can't wait for the next album since I love 'Contact' to bits.

My anticipation is also high for Ishikawa Chiaki and Savage Genius. Chiaki's solo career has taken off so well and I'm glad for her but I do wonder when we'll ever another album from See-Saw. T__T

I'm waiting and hoping with bated breath that Suara would be showing up as well. I mean, I won't be going to the concert, but I'll definition be watching it when the DVD comes out.


TAMURA YUKARI IS ATTENDING ANISAMA LIVE! Ok, admittedly, I'm not a fan of her singing but.. YUKARIN IS GOING TO BE IN ANIMELO 2008!! On the same day as Nana-chan, no less. I don't know, I mean, I think she's a decent seiyuu, but, it's just, there's just something about her...

She can turn me into an incoherent blob of goo.

I don't find her physical appearance to be all that attractive either. It's mostly her voice. I still keep those Myself; Yourself episodes just so I can listen to Yukarin say "Myself; Youself" in the episode previews whenever I want. D:

The only other person who has this ability is Sawashiro Miyuki when she uses her Hagino/Shinku voice. *melts*

Wait, I think this post was about something else.....

Nah, I guess it's just about my fangirl-ness.

Oh yeah, Horie Yui's going to be there as well with her little band, but eh, I don't care?
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I actually started writing this entry over a week ago during exam period. Escapism insisted on me thinking about seiyuu instead of glycolysis. =D
This is totally gonna make me sound like a seiyuu ota...

Top 5 )

Respect )

Like )

With the recent news about the ARTSVISION CEO arrested for sexual assault (sadly, more often than not, it's not the 'first time' for this kind of thing), I wonder what kind of repercussions there are going to be for the seiyuu. Already, rumours are surfacing regarding Horie Yui...

I admit that I've never really been a fan of Horie. I thought she's ok, but that's just about it. However... I don't particularly care who has been taken advantaged and who has taken advantage since we'll probably never really know and so it wouldn't matter much. I just hope that the seiyuu, especially the ones I like and the ones who deserve to, will be able to get through this well enough.


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