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And I say yaoi because there aren't really any yuri ones there. The few there are there are mostly as yuri as Sailor Moon without Haruka and Michiru (read; subtext subtext and more subtext). The most blatant yuri manga I've seen in Thailand is Azumanga Daioh, Kaorin. Bless the girl's Sakaki-obsessed heart.

Anyway, to get to the point of this entry, first you have to...

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Oh, two more things;
First, Sunrise, you fucking shitheads, stop using us shiznat fans already. I wouldn't have minded the tomoexshiz thing one bit if there was a shiznat one before that. You've been teasing us for 20 episodes with yuriness and this is what we get? Fuck you, I want yuri but I'm not desperate for just ANY yuri, with all due bitchness.

Second, Shirou should die.
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Huh, it was really rather weird. I was just surfing the net last night, wondering to myself why I seemed to be in a slightly bad mood. Then the answer came to me when I found an email waiting in my inbox.

Let me start from the beginning...
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It amazes me how the general public fails to see how homophobic such an action is. Nowadays, kids use the word gay in a negative fashion as if it's the most natural thing in the world. I can not quite comprehend it. I am sure the media is largely at fault yet again. 'For what is knowledge without understanding?'

I was gonna write something more about episode 13 of Mai Otome but that's gonna have to be later since I have to go for a dinner.

[ETA] that new year entry was rather stupid and brain-numbing, what the hell was I thinking? lol.
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........I don't even know how to start. The brain hasn't been feeling well and I'm not in a very good mood, damn it.

So, today was the forth time and I need to rant about it.

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When I was playing netball on saturday, they kept telling me to slow my passes down. I thought that my passes really weren't that fast, not when compared to the passes I give you guys. Perhaps it was because they were shoulder passes which non of them seemed to be capable of doing..

Grrr, I know that for a team, no matter how incredibly skilled one may be, if you can't work with the rest of the team, you're no use. But I don't want to lower my standard, damn it! I want to be able to enjoy playing with a team but I don't want to have to become 'less good' in order to do that. I sound pretty stuck up, don't I? What the fuck ever. I don't particularly care, just need to vent.

I actually got to play WA on saturday, but it just wasn't the same.. I hate this.

I don't get that good feeling when you know you're playing well, getting the ball and passing it forward. Remember flitzing? I miss it.
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I wasn't going to do it. I really wasn't, but every time I see him, he annoys me. My Bitch O' Meter is blazing red. You have been warned.

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