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I'll be quiting my job as a tutor at the end of this month, finally.
The Australian embassy has also called me in for an interview for the position of Project Assistant. If I get the job I'll be assisting the Project Manager with the Thailand Transnational Crime Centre, heh.

I've been looking at a few Master courses. Though, if I do decide to do a Master's, I'm still not sure which field I should go into or stay in. :/

So, yeah, thought I'd update my dusty, mold-ridden LJ.


Oct. 15th, 2009 10:12 pm
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My boss is a bitch. Yeah.


Nov. 5th, 2008 11:02 am
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YES, WE CAN!!!!!!!!

Now, California, NO TO PROP 8, god dammit!!!!
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It's raining so I decided not to go out and get my new student card (which may or may not have arrived), and to update teh LJ instead.

So I'm back in England.. Things are okay. Classes actually won't start until next week, in the mean time I'm just trying to get all my shit ready (read: buy food and toiletry stuff, nothing academic, really 8D).

There are two new Thai guys in the hall who seem nice enough for the time being. What I don't like though, is that I'm speaking Thai way more than last year. Back then, I was the only Thai and so during meal time and whatever, I would always speak in English. With those two guys and [ profile] hyourinmaru living in the same hall as I, I find myself speaking Thai more than English... Damn.

For Daifuku Love )
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Okay, so this is actually super old news but I figured I would post it anyway since the LJ is sufficiently moldy.

I dyed my hair blue.

Well, I bleached it (twice, since my hair's black) then dyed it blue. This was.... almost two months ago, I think? The blue is all gone now and my hair is just bleached with hints of blue that look greenish, lol.

Click ta see teh piccie, ohmygawd )

I was in China for a bit over two weeks, staying with my cousin. It was pretty good fun, with heavy shopping. My luggage doubled, lol.

Just came back from a four days trip to the beach as well. I went there with a couple of friends, one of which, turned out to be not just friends after all. I'm not going to ramble since it would be tedious so we'll just leave it at 'I've never had a more comfortable time with anyone'.

Problem came with the ex-girlfriend of... girlfriend (probably safe to say that she is now) who can not let go and demands that I get out of my girlfriend's life. She's saying a lot of things, most of which, at this moment, are just not to be taken seriously. It's my life, I decide what to do with it.

To certain two people on my friendlist who might be reading this, you should know that I could have locked this entry in a way that the two of you would not be able to read it, but I've got nothing to hide and this is not vengeance against anyone. I also thought about locking this entry so that only people who are on my Flist would be able to read it, but I figured that you could copy&paste anyway (if you choose to do so) so what the heck.

Going back to England next Sunday.
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I haven't been as 'bored' of the internet as when I just came back, but I still haven't been online all that much either.

Part of it is because I've actually started teaching English a few weeks ago so time was spent on preparing lessons than just being online. I'll be teaching more often from this week on as well. Much, much less time for fun and play, damn it.

I was out of the house a lot the other week. Between teaching and hanging out with friends, it almost seemed like I was never home. But then again, I think I did spend three nights over at my cousin's (which is right in the city centre) because I was out until late and would be out again the next day. It felt like a new routine was settling in and patterns were in the making. And I was able to stretch my parents' protective cover out a bit more.

I've made some decisions and I'm sticking with them. I will review the situation from time to time and might make changes to my objective, as adviced by someone, but I will keep trying. I've decided, I've started and I will try the best I can for as long as possible. Even with just two months and a bit left in Thailand.


May. 26th, 2006 07:19 pm
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So, my exam is finished. Good.

Anyway, I just saw something amusing. A few days ago, some people who must have finished their exam, thought that they would party and have some fun.... by vandelising the hall, banging on people's windows and breaking them. It didn't bother me much except that I have to share responsibility for the damage since they didn't know who the culprits were.

Yesterday, a notice was put up by the Warden saying the usual shit. And of course, people decided that they would try to be smartasses and changed the words on the notice with a pen. It wasn't very funny and was as expected from some morons lurking about.

The thing is, today, when I went to dinner, I saw the same notice, LAMINATED. Yeah, you got that right, laminated. And an extra notice saying something along the lines of:
'To all you fuckwits who tried to act like you're smarter than me, don't you realise you're being disrespectful?! Do not dare to be rude to me!!'

....Well, yeah, of course it didn't really say that, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

It's actually not very funny, is it? Hah, well, only finished the last exam today anyway. I'm in need of sleep but I need to pack. Joy.

Wonder what would happen if those fuckers got a permanent marker...


Apr. 12th, 2006 10:36 pm
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I'm finally back in my hall. The term actually hasn't started so even though I'm staying in the hall, I have to find and cook food for myself with just a microwave, kettle and whatever utensils I have. Latest experimentation: pasta with minced beef and lettuce, a success, I'd have to say, lol (right, hyourinmaru?). And hey, hooray for internet connection for own laptop. Needless to say, I've been downloading things to watch; Simoun, Strawberry Panic!, Girl's High and Nana.

Hear me ramble )

I called home yesterday )

Ahhhh, my internet interaction withdrawal seems to be coming back. *note to self* talk to more people and comment on blogs more.
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After an assignment, a test, packing and moving out, I still won't be online much for the next two weeks and a half since I'm staying at my friend's place and to use the internet means using it on her laptop. Anyway, that's just my current situation which doesn't really require further discussion.

The last episodes of Mai Otome will be aired this week (but I won't get to see them until I move back to my hall, of course). Part of me is sad because it means that there would be no more Shizuru, Natsuki and Nao but the other part is damn relieved since I feel like I'm torturing myself watching this damn series.

But hey, Nana, Simoun, Strawberry Panic and Girls High will be airing in the first week of April. I still have Osaki Nana if nothing else.

I do have things that I want to update about instead of this boring random rambling, but since it's my friend's laptop I'm using...

Right, the chapter 38 of Whisper from the Forest awaits my editing. So much love in the air... I shall edit it all out, lol. :p

The daffodils are blooming.
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May be I really should pay more attention in lectures for this module...

More Animal Form and Function II fun )

I designed a t-shirt )

Ever since I saw this entry on [ profile] sights_alined AKA Lang's LJ, I've been converted. (Yeah, go on Icemera, call me a stalker, you know you want to :P although I'm not the one who...... >D)

I am now a born again Nekkid Tomoe ♥ follower.

So I thought I would compile some pictures to show my appreciation of Naked Tomoe ♥ that, and I've successfully break many people brains with them

warning: nudity and brain breakage love <3 )

Might attempt to write a poem tonight. Will probably fail O_OV
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I was walking amidst a crowd when I saw a couple. Hands in hands, they're moving in the opposite direction. 'The girl is kinda cute' was my thought. Then I was involuntarily brought back to that night...

When I thought about it, how close we were.. My legs slowed down their pace and my gaze fell to the floor. 'Why is this? Look, the sun is shinning. The day is bright', I thought as my teeth grinded into each other. Endless Story repeated its melancholy in my ears.

'I don't cry anymore'

But the tightening void in my chest would not go away...

I'm making someone squirm in their seat.

Okay, so may be I'm a pervert... )
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Wow... an update. Yeah, I think this LJ is sufficiently moldy so I'm gonna say something.

The exams are over and I survived. Hopefully I managed a pass for all of them and a pretty decent mark for one. There were some problems during that time as some of you may know, so I'm just glad that I made it. I'm getting over it and it's much better now even though it still gets quite lonely sometimes.

It's a lot of thanks to a certain someone who's probably not reading my LJ. We barely knew each other yet she listened to me rambled on on msn and offered kind words.. It could have been worse, especially when you guys are not around, JB, HB and M.

Icemera, I doubt you're reading this, but I'm grateful either way. Thanks for the advice, dudie! Even though some of them were a bit dodgy :P

I wonder why it's so hard for me to make friends in real life, lol. There's still a lot for me to learn and grow as a person. I thought about what I can do to achieve that, certainly not just by introspection. People are people through other people after all :D

Lectures started on Monday, and I have four hours of lectures tomorrow morning, oh joy, lol. There's also Netball in the afternoon! Really looking forward to that, I've been sitting on my arse, doing nothing for too long ;) It'd be great to go out and exercise, takes my mind of things. Who knows? I might even be able to come with an idea for fic a couple of people have been threatening me to write ;) but seriously, AN empty water bottle? My, I don't know who's scarier, you or Icemera :P

Finally this thing is starting to look more like a journal, hahaha.

On an unrelated note: finished watching Air yesterday..... am disappointed :S (Hisakawa Aya was cool though. Love her.)

And another unrelated note: Doremi released the last batch of the Mai HiME Specials... Oh, the nostalgia XD
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Since this seemed to create such a hype to the people I've shown it to...

Me, the girly girl )

I should be studying... Shizuru's voice is distracting....
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Huh, it was really rather weird. I was just surfing the net last night, wondering to myself why I seemed to be in a slightly bad mood. Then the answer came to me when I found an email waiting in my inbox.

Let me start from the beginning...
Thus appears a stupid fuckwit )

It amazes me how the general public fails to see how homophobic such an action is. Nowadays, kids use the word gay in a negative fashion as if it's the most natural thing in the world. I can not quite comprehend it. I am sure the media is largely at fault yet again. 'For what is knowledge without understanding?'

I was gonna write something more about episode 13 of Mai Otome but that's gonna have to be later since I have to go for a dinner.

[ETA] that new year entry was rather stupid and brain-numbing, what the hell was I thinking? lol.
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Right, because it's new year... and the fact that I haven't updated for almost a month, might as well do something with this LJ of mine...

So, new year's eve, when my parents finally allowed to go count down somewhere apart from home, the people at my cousin's place got me drunk enough to decide that it would be a bad idea for me to go anywhere.. T^T

Them: 'Hooray!!! Hey, here, have a little more!'
Me: 'Right right, fine, but I have to leave soon'
Them: 'Bottoms up! Come on!! More more!
Me: '......' *calls friend* 'Yeah.. I don't think I can make it anymore, hahaha(laughter driven by alcohol)'

That was coupled by the fact that I had just spent 10 hours on the road, oh, and the fact that my internal clock is still pretty damn fucked up. Anyway, enough about that, I'm over it, hahahaha(yeah, right).

Leaving Thailand to go back to England this Saturday. On one hand, I can't wait to go back and get away from my family, but on the other, there're still so many friends I haven't had the chance to see. But I think I want to go back more. Having been in a boarding school for four years then going abroad to study on my own, plus the fact that I can't really remember ever talking to them about things that really matter, I can not stand them telling me what to do with my life. Having to report what I'm going to do, where, and with who, every minute of the day, meh, it's driving me crazy. Meh, I'm actually in a good mood and don't want to talk about this so I'm just gonna change the topic 8D

......Now, I don't know what to talk about.. London may be? Yeah, gonna talk about the London trip then, although I'm not in a mood to type a lot so I might just put a lot of pictures up.


Damn, sucky home internet, promise I'll put them up when I'm back at uni then. (No, Hyourinmaru, I will not put that link to the yahoo album here, nope, no way in hell)

OMG, just saw this from the Yuricon mailing list. Hahaha, may be not something for the weak-minded MariMite fans, but this is golden XD
This is a gem... )
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........I don't even know how to start. The brain hasn't been feeling well and I'm not in a very good mood, damn it.

So, today was the forth time and I need to rant about it.

Oh no, you're not gay )
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Right, what do these things have in common and why the hell are they in the same entry? I'd really like to think that I was on crack pot when this thing took place but it was really just me, Rin and our perverted creative minds.

So, it all started(for me) with an entry in [ profile] hyourinmaru's journal about 'Chest fruits'.. lovely lovely chest fruits(excluding peaches and apples on my request).

For the advanturous minds.. )
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Today is [ profile] hyourinmaru(or Hyourinry, as I like to think of her sometimes) birthday so

Happy 17th Birhday girl! Just one more year until I can-- erh, I mean, hope you'll have an amazing year. ;) and, since it's your birthday, I made a lil something for you :3

Shiznat comic strip and fanfic have to wait a bit longer though because, as you are very well aware, I *have* to finish my work tonight XD

Come hither.. )
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I missed a lecture for the first time this morning.. This seems to be another case of 'The Universe Hates Me'. Out of the four days a week that I have lectures, why, oh, why do three of them have to start at 9? and the other one at 10? Me, who would regard the thought of getting up early to groom myself as utter nonsense, me, who would choose more sleep and a presentable look over that in half a heart beat, and me, who do not make sense to anyone until I've been awake for at least an hour. The Universe Hates Me. Self-pity, I hate you.

Oh no, I missed the joy of Enthalpy ..erk )


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