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Going back to Thailand tomorrow. Arriving on Thursday afternoon. Leaving for Khon Khan on Friday morning for brother's and gf's graduation. Ah life.

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Jun. 5th, 2006 11:54 pm
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I've been staying away from the internet. Don't really know why but I don't feel like getting online or checking stuff on the net much. I haven't even read the Friends page properly, ugh.

Anyway, got this originally from the AS board, translation by Ensei. I just edited the words in and didn't do a very good job either.

Might be back online more once I'm less bored of the internet.
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With the things in the Drama CD (if you take that as being cannon) then Shiznat is pretty solid, I'd say. Some people have already started translating tracks at animesuki, great stuff. Too bad I haven't finished downloading the CD. Anyway, found this over at animesuki as well and I just wanted to put it up:

Below the B/W/H, I'm pretty sure it says;
好きな人: ナツキ クルーガー

Translated to something like:
Loved one: Natsuki Kruger

....Right, this is an official image, I think, from one of those Books Sunrise made. So it's canon at least on Shizuru side. Right. I think the series has fucked me over too much that I'm not really feeling anything anymore. With or without support from the actual series, shiznat is pretty much fannon anyway *shrugs*

Oh well.
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Sticking this here for now since it is still the 14th here and I haven't got the chance to really go through it again.

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Btw, Linna, this is not what I intended to write. The real thing will come.. eventually -_-"

[ETA] May be I should have put ningyo alert! in here? lol.
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My ass is numb. Right, I don't know whether it was the influence of the champaign and wine I had or the fact that it was two in the morning, but my friend, [ profile] hyourinmaru, and I felt artistic enough to draw stick figures. This happened on Monday night Tuesday morning >.<
BTW, some of you don't seem to know this, but the pictures on my LJ have captions which you can read by pointing the cursor to the picture and the caption would appear after half a second or so.

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